Shelter In The Storm

Of course with a sudden and devastating loss, there were three immediate concerns that the leadership needed to address. Where do we meet right now? Where do we meet for an interim period? Where do we rebuild? As previously stated, the leadership managed to find temporary shelter by renting space in a couple of local schools. This was not a great interim solution as everything needed to be setup and torn down every week, there was a lack of classrooms for Sunday School (due to restrictions on what areas we could use), and the schools were not available on Wednesday nights. However, the outpouring from the community and offers of help were overwhelming. Among the offers was one from the First Presbyterian Church in Altoona. They had recently merged congregations with Broad Ave. Presbyterian Church and just so happened to have an empty church building that they offered to us to use until we could rebuild. We accepted their offer and moved into the building in July 2007.